North Asia CAPE has partnered with Export NZ to deliver our Strategy Builder workshops across New Zealand for kiwi businesses.

Strategy Builders

Strategy Builders are single-day workshops targeted at SMEs looking to enter, or better engage with the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets. The workshops aim to build market understanding and make in-market experiences more meaningful. Sessions bring in exporters to share their stories, and include current in-market COVID-19 research relating to each country.

Workshops are facilitated by Dr Antje Fiedler and Dr Ben Fath of the University of Auckland Business School, with contributions from in-market businesspeople and other experts.

Four modules will be run throughout 2020. Three focus on the markets of Japan, China and Korean, and a fourth considers relationships and digital partnerships to the North Asian region.


China Strategy Builder
China Strategy Builder

Take a day to think about how your business can more productively engage with China. The economic re-emergence of China has created many opportunities for NZ businesses, yet it has also created a very dynamic and highly segmented marketplace that is challenging to navigate. In this workshop, we will encourage discussions based on the latest research on the China market in order to make better sense of evolving consumer preferences and the competitive landscape. The main objectives are:

  1. Picking the right place: location and channel
  2. Navigating the legal landscape: contracts and IP
  3. Keeping pace with the market: dynamic micro segmentation

Overall, the workshop aims to enhance your understanding of the dynamic market for more meaningful engagement.

Japan Strategy Builder
Japan Strategy Builder

The Japan Strategy Builder aims to boost Japan market knowledge and cultural understanding held by New Zealand businesses seeking to either enter the Japan market, or expand their foothold there.

The workshops contain a blend of interactive small group work, industry speakers, and analyses of contemporary case studies providing practical, hands-on examples that can be used straight away.

Industry speakers draw upon their own business experience and offer valuable lessons learned through conducting business in Japan. Previous speakers include: Todd Graydon (Global General Manager at Blunt Umbrellas); and Pania Turney (Sales Manager Asia Pacific at Taura Natural Ingredients Ltd).

Korea Strategy Builder
Korea Strategy Builder

Korea Strategy Builder workshops are targeted training modules for SMEs looking to enter, or better engage, with the Korean market.

South Korea is New Zealand’s fifth largest export destination, and as tariffs decrease in line with the 2015 FTA, the country represents an opportunity for New Zealand companies.

Drawing on applied research, Dr Antje Fiedler and Dr Benjamin Fath of the University of Auckland Business School have developed a single-day workshop in conjunction with sector experts and North Asia CAPE.

The workshop is an immersive experience where the latest market insights and case studies will be used to frame and curate discussions about current and future opportunities.


North Asian Partnerships Strategy Builder
North Asian Partnerships Strategy Builder

Building successful business relationships in North Asian Markets

Nurturing meaningful relationships is a key factor to succeeding in Asian markets including China, Japan, and South Korea. But building a business based on trust-based relationships can be a time-consuming, confusing, and ultimately risky enterprise.

In this workshop, we explore strategic approaches to partnership development in North Asian markets. We will use case studies, management tools, and insights from market experts to match the strength of your business to North Asian markets, in order to develop trust and commercial success.


Digital Partnerships Strategy Builder
Digital Partnerships Strategy Builder

Digital first in North Asia – welcome to the attention based economy

North Asian customers are increasingly digital. This workshop will provide the foundation blocks to build a digital first strategy for North Asia. It will cover the latest digital trends that shape business dynamics in the region, with a focus on China, Japan and South Korea. You will learn about digital routes to market and ways to digitally connect with consumer and network partners. The workshop will use a mix of exercises, case studies, and industry speakers to cover the following topics:

  • Mobile cocooning: Who is online anyway?
  • Digital first and what it means for my business? 
  • Online retail ecosystems and the next wave of exporting
  • Shoppertainment and how to reach the new consumer
  • Hyperconnectivity and building business partnerships

Benefits from attending a workshop include:

  • Opportunities to apply practical, market-specific insights to your business.
  • Networking with fellow businesspeople to share ideas and broaden market knowledge.
  • Gaining valuable commercial insights drawing from other businesses' successes and failures in North Asian markets.

2020 workshops

China Strategy Builder

Japan Strategy Builder

Korea Strategy Builder

China, Japan, and Korea Strategy Builder

Digital Partnerships Strategy Builder

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