Programme of Professional Development for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Language Teachers

North Asia CAPE is continuing to support the Programme for Asian Language Collaboration in Teaching (PACT) facilitated by Future Learning Solutions (FLS), to provide professional development and support language teachers of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This programme is delivered twice annually in three cohorts across New Zealand. 

Clusters are led, challenged and guided by experienced teachers with the view to establish sound processes for sustainable collaboration and learning. 

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Korean Language in Schools

Primary and intermediate schools across New Zealand receive support from NA CAPE and the Korean Education Centre (KEC) through access to resources and teachers, enabling them to include the Korean language in their curriculum or expand their existing programme of study.

We directly support over 25% of Korean language classes in New Zealand to double the number of hours of Korean language taught throughout the year. This builds off the MoU signed between the KEC and North Asia CAPE to support Korean language in New Zealand.

Read more about the MoU here.

Schools-to-schools digital online exchanges

In 2020 New Zealand school classrooms connected with classrooms in Korea and Japan through a North Asia CAPE and Education New Zealand initiative. This built on previous classroom connections pioneered by Education New Zealand.

In 2021 North Asia CAPE is again collaborating with Education New Zealand in Korea and Japan to connect school students across the countries.


High school students in Korea are connecting with secondary school students of the Korean language in New Zealand to share language, culture, and increase mutual understanding.


Elementary school students of the English language in Japan are starting to build ties with primary school students in New Zealand in Years 6 and 7 studying Japanese, with the aim of sharing cultures and languages through classroom activities.

At the secondary school level, students in New Zealand in Years 10-13 now have the opportunity to participate in online exchanges (in English) with Japanese high school students discussing the following themes:

  • Language and culture (cross-cultural understanding and diversity)
  • Indigenous ( Māori in NZ / Ainu in Japan)
  • ‘Academic’ (tourism, agriculture, environment / sustainability)

The above themes create a platform for New Zealand students to gain a greater awareness of Japan and Korea, and enhance their ability to think critically about mutually important issues.

Exchange sessions are free and facilitated by North Asia CAPE and Education New Zealand in Korea and Japan.

Read the most recent press release here.

To register your school’s interest in participating in the above online exchanges contact Dean Withers at



Teaching for the Asia-Pacific Website

Our consortium partners at the University of Waikato have developed an online resource for teachers. The website grows teachers’ understanding of the global competence they and their students will need to interact with people from around the Asia-Pacific. It also connects teachers to curated resources that support the integration of Asia-Pacific and global competence related learning into both current and new curriculums.

Find out more from this link to the Teaching for the Asia-Pacific website

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