North Asia CAPE has partnered with Export NZ to deliver our workshops across New Zealand for kiwi businesses.

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We offer single-day workshops targeted at businesses looking to enter into or to grow within the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets. The workshops aim to build market knowledge and to place local experiences into useful context. Sessions bring in exporters to share their stories, and include current in-market COVID-19 research relating to each country.

Workshops are facilitated by Dr Antje Fiedler and Dr Ben Fath of the University of Auckland Business School, with contributions from in-market businesspeople and other experts.

In 2021, we will be launching a new workshop - Digital in North Asia - and refreshing our country-focused workshops.

Keeping pace in China’s accelerated market
Keeping pace in China’s accelerated market

Want to grow your business by keeping pace with emerging trends in one of Asia’s fastest changing markets?

This workshop explores principles and practices that help businesses master the rapidly-developing Chinese market. We will explore the following topics:

  • Speed and micro-segmentation in China
  • Speed and the need for ‘hyper’-personalisation in China
  • Speed and sensing trends in China
Growing in Japan’s quality-conscious market
Growing in Japan’s quality-conscious market

How can NZ businesses convince customers in highly-established markets such as Japan to appreciate new products and solutions?

 This workshop explores how to navigate ‘stable’ markets exemplified by Japan. We will tackle the challenge of growing a business in a market where customers are very happy with current offerings and will develop analytical lenses for understanding such markets by focusing on:

  • From ‘Made in Japan’ to ‘Made for Japan’
  • Fast followership strategies and value creation
  • The blurring of customer segments in Japan
Thriving in South Korea’s experience-based economy
Thriving in South Korea’s experience-based economy

How might NZ businesses grow in overseas markets such as Korea’s, where consumers seek out and privilege memorable experiences?

This workshop explores experience-based consumer markets exemplified by the South Korean market. We provide fresh perspectives on how NZ businesses can create stand out experiences in this trend-setting market by focusing on the following main topics:

  • Navigating experience-based consumer markets
  • Saturated markets and the concentration of experiences
  • Experience differentiation in South Korea


Digital in North Asia: understanding growing digital economies
Digital in North Asia: understanding growing digital economies

Want to understand the emerging digital landscape in North Asia?

 This workshop builds your digital savviness for the region by emphasising some core similarities, differences and emerging trends in the Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean online landscapes. The workshop focuses on developing a high-level appreciation of several important themes, and will provide participants with practical tools and tips. We will discuss the following topics:

  • Mobile cocooning: Who is online anyway?
  • Digital first and what it means for my business
  • Online retail ecosystems and the next wave of exporting
  • Shoppertainment and how to reach the new consumer
  • Building business partnerships in the age of Hyperconnectivity

Benefits from attending a workshop include:

  • Opportunities to apply practical, market-specific insights to your business.
  • Networking with fellow businesspeople to share ideas and broaden market knowledge.
  • Gaining valuable commercial insights drawing from other businesses' successes and failures in North Asian markets.

2021 workshops

Digital in North Asia

Growing in Japan’s quality-conscious market

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