The North Asia CAPE will be offering a unique guided learning experience for New Zealand businesses seeking to export into the North Asian region. The week-long immersive study tours to Hong Kong and Southern China offer insights into the Hong Kong and Chinese markets as well as an understanding of the bureaucratic and political environment. The programmes will be run in partnership with Mace Consulting.

The tours seek to:

  • Improve trade relations
  • Establish new trading partners
  • Equip New Zealanders with appropriate business skills for the region
  • Provide a better understanding of how Asia-Pacific languages and culture leads to business success in the region

Through these programs the North Asia CAPE acts as a gateway for New Zealand business to build stronger, more sustainable and respectful relationships with countries of North Asia.

In 2018 a tour will be run in September targeting the technology sector. In 2019, NA CAPE plans to extend the tours to target the following industries.

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Financial services (i.e. Fintec)
  • Technology: UR; augmented reality; AI; big data; robotics.


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