On 20 November, we held our first tourism workshop for Tier 2 tourism operators in Rotorua, at the request of Destination Rotorua. The session was opened by Cynthia Fang, China Market Manager for Destination Rotorua, who presented the latest data on tourist arrivals from China.

Ralph Shale from iGrow spoke about payment systems and how to use them to cross-promote businesses. Simon Appleton from Eastern Bridge Ltd discussed the various Chinese tourist segments - their preferences, their spending patterns.

Pic Picolt with his dog.jpg

Our inspirational speaker was Pic Picot (of Pic’s Peanut Butter, pictured above), fresh from a big food expo in Shanghai, who talked about how to do word-of-mouth marketing, how Chinese like to pay (by mobile phone), and how his on-line sales in China are growing. He offered a practical and captivating insight into building sales and brand - and revealed that he is planning to open a Pic’s Peanut Butter World in Nelson.

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