A new series of workshops on China e-commerce and e-payments are being offered
to local exporters, marketers, inbound tourism operators, and service providers in
Central Otago.

The workshops are being offered to local businesses through a new collaboration
between two national organisations committed to building stronger trade connections
with China.

New Zealand China Cross-border Electronic Commerce Foundation (NZCCC) and
the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPE) are working together to
deliver workshops in Cromwell, Queenstown, and Wanaka in early November.
The organisers want to help businesses engaging with Chinese consumers or
thinking of doing so via e-commerce. They also want to help local businesses
sharpen their focus on providing high quality tourism experiences for Chinese

‘It’s not just about selling products like cherries and wine online,’ says NZCCC
President Chris Lipscombe. ‘Increasingly, Chinese consumers are buying tourism
and education services online as well.

'And of course digital products can be delivered as well as sold online.'

'We’re delighted to be working with NZCCC and taking these workshops around the
country,' adds North Asia CAPE Business Director Anne French. 'Often it’s the larger
metropolitan centres that get this kind of attention. For this programme, we’re making
sure the regions don't miss out.'

Local supporters include Otago Polytechnic Central, who are hosting the Cromwell

Find out more and register for the Central Otago E-commerce workshops

Established in 2016, the New Zealand China Cross-border Electronic Commerce Foundation
(NZCCC) is a group of individuals and organisations passionate about the opportunities that
exist for NZ-based exporters selling or wanting to sell products to China-based customers
using cross-border electronic commerce tools and platforms.
NZCCC organises seminars, workshops and events to promote cross-border electronic
commerce with China, informs New Zealand based exporters about government policies,
regulations, key market and industry developments, and provides access to the skills and
resources New Zealand companies need to succeed in China.

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