(Image caption: virtual tour debriefing event in Auckland)

North Asia CAPE and New Zealand firm GlobaLinks have just completed the delivery of their inaugural digital online study tour. The tour offered 14 New Zealand tertiary students, recent graduates, and young professionals the opportunity to undertake a virtual tour to Shanghai to learn about supply chains and gain contacts in the food and beverage sector over a three-week period. While the bulk of the tour occurred online through platforms such as Zoom, we also brought the tour participants together in Auckland on 30 September for an in-person catch-up and debriefing event.

The participants represented a broad range of New Zealand’s best and brightest from around the country. The students studied disciplines including supply chain management, business and economics, law, engineering, the Arts, and Asian languages. There were also several young professionals and those engaged in MBA study.

Companies that took part in the virtual tour included China-based New Zealand government agencies such NZTE and MPI, larger corporates such as Zespri and Fonterra, SMEs such as Lewis Road Creamery and Fiordland Lobster, and Chinese companies such as Alibaba.

North Asia CAPE would like to thank all of the participants who engaged wholeheartedly with the programme, and all of the companies that generously gave their time. As international travel restrictions continue to be a reality for the rest of 2020 and probably beyond, North Asia CAPE will continue to explore digital means to provide learning, upskilling, and relationship-building opportunities to New Zealanders in North Asia.

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