In support of New Zealand businesses during these challenging times, the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence launched ‘North Asia Post-Covid’, a series of webinars and interactive workshops providing firms with up-to-date knowledge and analysis of the region’s pandemic responses and commercial adaptation.

Following events held in May and June focusing on mainland China, Japan, and Hong Kong, we present our fourth Post-Covid event, an online webinar on South Korea’s experiences combating Covid and commercial implications for New Zealand businesses, featuring leading economist and advisor Dr Tony Michell, a long-term resident of Korea.

Tony will be joined by Dr Tony Garrett, Chair of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea, in the role of discussant.

Event details

When / where: 4-5pm, Tuesday 28 July 2020 / live via Zoom

Cost: Free

Speaker: Dr Tony Michell, Managing Director, Korea Associates Business Consultancy

Discussant: Dr Tony Garrett, Professor in Marketing, Korea University Business School; and Chair, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea


Webinar introduction

The webinar will address three issues:

• Korea’s experience with Covid-19,

• the state of the Korean economy in late July 2020, and

• some potential opportunities for New Zealand business in the present situation.

Korea has had a relatively mild Covid experience in the first wave, but is now experiencing a slight resurgence, like many parts of the world. How is the country reacting to the changing requirements of public safety and securing the livelihoods of its citizens? Current indicators are that the economic impact will be only slightly negative in terms of GDP, but this rests heavily on the nature of the recovery in H2.

The government has responded with a clear New Deal and a Green Deal to promote what it terms DNA – Data, Networks and AI – proactively encouraging investing in both materials (hardware and software) and infrastructure. However while digitalisation proceeds, the real economy has suffered, and mega stores are reported to be short of imported processed food compared with before the pandemic. This offers opportunities for New Zealand companies which can use the power of IT and deploy in-country agents to reach Korean suppliers.


About the speaker

Tony Michell is a long-term resident of Korea. He is managing director of Korea Associates Business Consultancy, well known for its monthly briefings. His consultancy is noted for its nuts and bolts approach as well as strategic horizons. Tony was invited to New Zealand several years ago by NZTE to offer a perspective on the newly concluded NZ-Korea FTA, and held talks with business communities from Dunedin to Auckland.

Tony holds a PhD in applied economics from Cambridge University, and as well as consulting, teaches Change Management and FDI Promotion at KDI School of Public Policy and Management.

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