In support of businesses during these challenging times, the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence launched ‘North Asia Post-Covid’, a series of webinars and interactive workshops providing firms with up-to-date knowledge and analysis of the region’s pandemic responses and commercial adaptation.

The first event on 19 May 2020 was a webinar focused on mainland China, and featured business advisor David Mahon and former New Zealand Ambassador to China, Tony Browne. The second event on 9 June 2020 was an interactive workshop focused on Japan, facilitated by Dr Antje Fiedler and Dr Ben Fath from the University of Auckland Business School.

We now warmly invite you to attend our third Post-Covid event, an online webinar updating the situation in Hong Kong and featuring experienced business advisor David Whitwam, a long-term resident of Hong Kong.


Event details

When / where: 4-5pm, Tuesday 23 June 2020 / live via Zoom

Cost: Free

Speaker: David Whitwam, Executive Director of Mace Consulting Ltd and Chair of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Moderated by: Professor Paul Clark, Director of North Asia CAPE

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Webinar introduction

The webinar will discuss Hong Kong’s response to Covid-19. Hong Kong’s location close to the epicentre of the outbreak (with direct air, rail and road links to Wuhan and Hubei) made for a challenging response to limit the impact of the virus on its population. With a reliance on imported food products, the need to keep supply chains open, and with sectors such as tourism and cross-border industry key to the local economy, Hong Kong faced challenges on several fronts.

Jurisdictions around the globe have tackled the issue with a variety of measures. How has Hong Kong reacted? What were the unique challenges and what measures were put in place by the Hong Kong Government? How effective were the measures? What has been done to secure a positive economic outcome for the future? What do recent events and changes mean for New Zealand businesses selling in Hong Kong and southern China?


About the speaker

David Whitwam is a long-term resident of Hong Kong. He is Executive Director of Mace Consulting Ltd, and since 2004 has been Chair of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. David represents the New Zealand business sector on the Hong Kong Government’s International Business Committee and has served on other Hong Kong Government committees as well as publishing a weekly e-newsletter focused on the economic relationship between New Zealand and Hong Kong.

David was appointed to the Advisory Board of the International MBA of Victoria University of Wellington, presented at the Asia Pacific Institute of Business and Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2011-2014, and is an appointed member of the World Class New Zealand network by KEA New Zealand. David holds a postgraduate qualification in Business Administration from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

North Asia CAPE partnered with David Whitwam previously to deliver week-long immersive study tours in Hong Kong and southern China for small cohorts of New Zealand Small-to-Medium sized enterprises across various sectors, from Polynesian Fashion to Agritech.

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