North Asia CAPE is offering  tertiary students across NZ the opportunity to participate in a digital online study tour exploring Urban Development in Hong Kong

Fully funded, this tour will be held in late May, 2022 taking place on-line over a two-week period and will consider the following:

How does the city cope with planning and providing for its people? What are the challenges that the city faces in developing its infrastructure, housing and transport while seeking to preserve its culture, heritage and identity? How are these challenges being resolved?

This series of online presentations overviews the current situation and explores the approach by the Hong Kong Government to establish a path for urban renewal, new developments and associated infrastructure to meet the growing challenge.

The series will also look at how issues such as heritage conservation and providing for public recreation, arts and culture are addressed.

Sessions are interactive and will feature presentations from experts in Hong Kong.


  • Students must be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand
  • Students studying towards qualifications in urban development, town planning, infrastructure, utilities, the environment, heritage site management, cultural development, recreation facilities and related topics at a NZ University or Polytechnic
  • Students must be available to attend all online sessions held

The deadline for all applications has been extended to is Friday 5pm, 29 April

To Apply please complete the below form including a short essay (200-250 words) making the case for your participation in the study tour. It should include, but need not be confined to, comments on the following:

• What you expect to learn during the course of the study tour?

• What is your motivation for joining the study tour

• How do you plan to apply your learnings in the future?



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