North Asia CAPE study tours

Short-term (two-week) student mobility programmes in China, Korea, and Japan

The North Asia CAPE will offer fully-funded study tours for first-year language students to experience first-hand the value of learning Asian languages in-country. In 2018, we will offer a two-week study abroad programme to universities in China, Korea and Japan. The programmes will be open to all New Zealand students by competitive application. 

Are you eligible?

  • Students must be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand
  • Students must have taken at least one core course, or non tertiary equivalent in one of the languages (Chinese, Japanese or Korean) with grade B+ or above.

Applications are now closed. 

North Asia CAPE Māori Business Scholarships

Six university graduates from around New Zealand have been awarded the first North Asia CAPE Māori Business Scholarships. The scholarships took the recipients to Taipei City where they spent three weeks at the respected National Taiwan University (NTU). The scholars devoted their time to learning Mandarin, establishing business networks, and exploring the many cultural, historical, and linguistic linkages between Māori and the indigenous people of the island of Taiwan.

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