NZ China Remote Internship Programme

North Asia CAPE is proud to support the NZCTA Young Associates and QLC NZ China Remote Internship Programme.

What is the Remote Internship Programme?

The Remote Internship Programme is an opportunity for you to gain experience working at innovative China-related startup companies, without needing to actually move to China. Participants will be assigned to work at a China-related startup remotely, being assigned tasks from the company and receiving mentorship from someone working on the ground. They will be guided through the project and develop skills in marketing, business development and data analysis (among others).

All students regardless of their degree or previous experience are eligible to apply for the internships, and experience work at some of the worlds most innovative start-ups from the comfort of their home.  The projects will be run through the QLC (Quarter Life Crises) platform.

Why should I do a Remote Internship?

Do you want to sharpen your skills with the companies of the future without leaving your room? Do you want to try new career paths without up-ending your life? Or do you just simply want to “get a foot in the door”? Maybe you're having a quarter life crisis and want to discover something new? If so, our NZ China Remote Internship will be ideal for you!

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