Following from the success of last year’s conference, the NA CAPE will host the Secondary Schools’ Language Conference. In addition to a fun-filled day for students, the day will also offer a suite of professional development opportunities for teachers of Japanese and Korean languages.

Teachers of year 9 and 10 secondary school students learning Japanese and Korean (year level 9-13 for Korean Teachers) are invited apply for a day of fun, food, and cultural activities as part of a one-day conference aimed at spotlighting the value of second-language-learning in and beyond high school.

The Secondary Schools Language Conference will be held:

Time: 9am – 3:30pm

Date: Saturday, 23 November

Venue: Sir Owen Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Rd, the University of Auckland

The programme of activities focuses on pop culture, history, art, cuisine and is designed to help bring to life the vital role that languages play in the journey to becoming engaged global citizens.

“The North Asia CAPE is committed to helping New Zealanders build enduring, respectful relationships with our counterparts in North Asia. Boosting our ability to speak the languages and understand the cultures of our North Asian neighbours is key to ensuring those personal and professional relationships are robust,” says Professor Paul Clark, Director, North Asia CAPE.

We welcome applications from those who work or study at an Auckland-based secondary schools which teach Japanese or Korean languages. 

 (On a case by case basis we may offer transportation assistance to those schools who are most in need. Please provide an additional short essay (max 200) words explaining the reasons your school would benefit from this.)

Registrations close on 31 October, 2019.

Read about the 2018 conference


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We offer transportation assistance to those schools, who are most in need.

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