The North Asia CAPE acts as a gateway for diverse New Zealand businesses to build stronger, more sustainable and respectful relationships with North Asian countries. As a result, we are supporting an intensive programme for Maori and Pacific creative entrepreneurs to take advantage of opportunities in Japan and Korea. The objective is to develop a market pathway for creative Polynesian products into the Japanese and Korean markets.

Creative industries are where Maori and Pacific people can build high value products, services and experiences which appeal to the world and in particular the Japanese and Korean markets. Additionally, the programme is geared towards ensuring there is greater diversity of representation and depth to the Aotearoa brand in the export market. Participants are from the wider creative sector to ensure a diversity of product, experience and skill, to maximise collaborative potential. We have partnered with Oyster Workshop, a Polynesian-led organisation to develop and deliver the programme.

Applicants will go through a competitive application process before a selection panel to gain entry into the programme kicking off in March 2020. In order to register your interest, please get in contact at

The programme and culminating study tour seeks to:

  • Improve trade relations
  • Establish new trading partners
  • Equip New Zealanders with appropriate business skills for the region
  • Provide a better understanding of how Asia-Pacific languages and culture leads to business success in the region
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