The North Asia CAPE is partnering with Roadshow New Zealand to invite influential key buyers from Asia's leading retailers to New Zealand. The aim is to create tangible sales opportunities for the participating New Zealand businesses. 

A number of Buyers' Tours occurred throughout 2019 across New Zealand, with the first taking place in the week of March 4 (Korea). 

The buyers visit five companies for a two-hour site visit during their time in New Zealand in addition to a mini trade show (the Roadshow). Participants are selected based upon buyer interest, product suitability and the ability of their business to fulfill the requirements of a future trade deal.

We invite all eligible Kiwi businesses (New Zealand-wide) to take part in the tours.

To register your interest in future tours please complete the attached EOI. Please note that the EOI is for all tours throughout the year.


A buyer representing Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd is looking for exceptional New Zealand organisations in the Food and Beverage Industry with these products for the Japanese market:

▪ Frozen snacks - Ideally, a frozen wrap snack (Burritos, Enchiladas etc.)

▪ Camembert Cheese

▪ Ice Cream Cakes - Ideally in the style of Streets’ Viennetta Ice Cream product

▪ Other innovative products not currently available in Japan, that can be developed for private label.

Unfortunately, the Mitsubishi Tour has been delayed until early 2020.

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